Pumpkin carving, jumping in leaf piles and gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday are some popular fall traditions. While it may seem natural to be more thankful during the fall and the Thanksgiving holiday, does your gratitude extend to the way you think about others and treat them? It may be time to take an inventory of just how thankful you are around Thanksgiving and tackle some new expressions of gratitude. From sending out Thanksgiving greeting cards to sharing your resources with others, answering these questions can help you evaluate how deep you spirit of thankfulness goes.

1. Are You Verbally Grateful?

Some homes have a tradition of going around the table just before the Thanksgiving turkey is served and sharing something they are grateful for. This is a great way to highlight the reason for the holiday, but your attitude of thankfulness should be expressed all season long. Rather than complaining at work about the load you are carrying or the way your boss is taking too much time off, express your thanks for being employed or being able to provide for your family. Be a person that verbally shares expressions of thanks.

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2. Are You Appreciating Others?

When you think of things to give thanks for, there are probably dozens of people among your friends and family that could make the list. Rather than just sending out a group text message, purchase Thanksgiving greeting cards in bulk and personalize them with a message of appreciation. Be sure to add a handwritten note naming the specific reasons why the relationship means so much. Put them in the mail at the beginning of November so the recipients can enjoy them all season long.

3. Are Your Sharing Your Blessings?

When you have been the recipient of good things, you can show your gratefulness by giving to others. It doesn’t take much work to find people in need all-around your community. Volunteer to work at the local food pantry, donate food boxes or drop care packages in the mail for servicemen and women. Acts of service are just as effective as sending a donation to a favorite charity. Random acts of kindness, like paying for the person behind you in the take-out line, can also be a way to share your gratitude for your blessings.

4. Are Your Intentional in Reflection?

Letting the Thanksgiving season come and go with just a mention of your gratitude around a mouthful of turkey doesn’t quite capture the essence of gratitude. Spending some time in focused reflection on your blessings can be mentally and spiritually uplifting. Expressions of gratitude, whether verbally or in meditative reflection, can lead to lower rates of depression and stress. Optimism can grow out of a spirit of gratitude, making you healthier and happier all the time.

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