Teaching Assistant

When you are a teaching assistant, it can be a gratifying career, particularly for those who enjoy working with children and who enjoy enriching a child’s life. Here are 5 reasons why you should look for teaching assistant jobs:


A teaching assistant can make a massive difference in the lives of children in a classroom. In addition to what teachers do every day in the lives of children, teaching assistants support pupils’ learning and give one-to-one assistance to students in need. If you desire to enhance a child’s learning and foster success, become a teaching assistant! 


There are no two days alike with a teaching assistant. In addition, there may even be a few surprises! A teacher assistant’s job is unique. There are days when you are helping students learn to read, and other days when you’re helping them make backdrops and props for school days! 

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It is gratifying to help pupils reach their full potential. As a teacher assistant, when you’ve helped a student learn to read or helped them solve a math problem, seeing how proud the student becomes makes it all worthwhile! 


The hours are one of the best things about being a teaching assistant. When you work for a school, you only work school hours with approximately 12 weeks of holiday per year. Only a few jobs give you that much holiday time! Being a teaching assistant is perfect for a parent with a child in school. There’s no need to arrange child care when your child is away from school!

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