regular vinyl

Over the last ten years, sticker paper has become more popular than ever. Demand for them has risen sharply, which means that the production of this material has also increased. Some of the most popular materials are vinyl. However, there are so many different types that it is hard to find the right one.

For example, there are doubts about printable vinyl and regular vinyl. One of the reasons why this is the case certainly lies in the fact that they look very similar. Find out below how we explained the difference between printable vinyl and regular vinyl.

Printable vinyl

It is a material that contains an adhesive backing on which you can print. One of the biggest advantages of printed vinyl is that you can create a sticker with it that has many more colors. You can use as many colors as you want. The only obstacle may be your printer. You can use such stickers to decorate the wall, laptop, notebook, refrigerator, etc. However, they are equally good choices for gradients and shading, photographs, illustrations and other situations where it is necessary to maintain certain colors. We also have sublimation paper.

However, printed vinyl requires more time and patience. So, you will use a specific cutting machine to make the design. Of course, sometimes you don’t even need a machine. You can also use scissors if you want to create a simpler design. There is a difference between printable vinyl and traditional sticky vinyl. Printable vinyl involves one printing, cutting and you can apply it right away. It will give you endless possibilities compared to the traditional option with which you are limited to one color.

Does printable vinyl work as a label paper?

These materials work in a very similar way, but there are minimal differences. For example, printable vinyl can be used for items such as cars, mugs, laptops, etc. Stickers are used more for fun and are mostly used by children. Also, most labels must not come into contact with water, unlike printable vinyl. If they get wet, the ink will smudge and will quickly become unusable. That is why it is always better to opt for printable vinyl if you work with water.

How is printable vinyl used?

If you want to use this material, you should know everything about proper use. First of all, you will need a simple inkjet printer. Forget about the sublimation printer, because it will not be useful to you in this case. Then, you have to print vinyl and then you can cut it. Make sure you are using the correct type of vinyl before printing. Also pay attention to the quality of the printer, because a printer that prints high quality images is always a better choice.

We must mention that the laser printer is not intended for vinyl due to excessive scratching. At such high temperatures, you could melt vinyl. However, there is vinyl that is resistant to high temperatures, which means that it will suit a laser printer. Of course, you can always seek the help of experts who have high quality equipment, as well as a lot of experience in this. They can realize all your ideas. In that case, you will not have to pay attention to the type of printer, vinyl and all other items.

What is vinyl and how did it come about?

We’re sure you’ve seen this material many times, but you may not be sure what vinyl is. It is a synthetic material created by production. It is a combination of plastic made from ethylene and chlorine obtained from ordinary salt. After the beard process, you will get formed PVC or Vinyl. The reason for its first use is the desire to develop a material that should facilitate the processes in the production of everyday products. After some time, this material became more and more common and today it is one of the best-selling plastic resins in the whole world. It is represented in various industries, but is most often used in construction. However, it also appears in combination with additives and modifiers, which makes it suitable for use in various productions.

Advantages of vinyl

This material is very resistant to moisture. It is also a very strong and durable plastic material. It is produced in different colors and is a fairly cheap material to produce. Well known vinyl supplier HTVRONT gave us information about heat transfer vinyl, one more benefit of vinyl. We must not forget another great advantage, and that is the possibility of recycling. Ecological material is used for many products that have a long lifespan. However, vinyl is not considered an environmentally friendly material just because it can be recycled. During its production, renewable natural substances are used and that makes it acceptable for nature. If we compare vinyl and other materials used in industry, we will notice a big difference between them. While vinyl requires a minimum amount of natural resources, other materials emit significantly more emissions into the environment.

Among other advantages, the material is resistant to flame, oils and chemicals. It is very difficult to dissolve in organic solvents, but it is easy to process and shape. The reason is the great performance of the embossing and the stronger exterior. Therefore, they are resistant to oxidative reactions. For example, this material is resistant to mold and promotes consumer safety. In that case, it also helps manufacturers to comply with all regulations during production. Every vinyl product is easy to maintain and it is enough to use ordinary soap and water. It is equally useful during large and small projects. That’s why you can find it in various shapes, from stickers to boat upholstery.


There is a wide selection of canvases on the market, which opens up great possibilities in the repair and design of rooms. These materials have gained wide popularity due to their beautiful appearance, coating quality and long service life. The differences between regular and vinyl wallpaper are not significant. Although, for some it is a trifle – for others it is a serious matter. Therefore, before buying it is important to get acquainted with the differences between these two popular types.