The functionality of BitQT is similar to that of other automated trading services. According to reports, the platform uses algorithms and application programming interfaces (APIs) to link users with brokers and execute transactions on their behalf. BitQT monitors the cryptocurrency market and makes trades when those circumstances meet your parameters. A demo tool is also available for users to use as they are working on a trading plan.

To whom belongs BitQT?

BitQT was developed as a result of a group of traders who recognized the potential of using algorithmic strategies to increase their revenue. The traders then worked with the programmers to ensure that BitQT has state-of-the-art features that give you quick data-driven insights for trading decisions. You can be sure that you will not miss any profitable opportunities, as the owners are constantly monitoring the crypto market and updating the robot accordingly.

How to Start with BitQT

BitQT’s advanced technology makes it easy to navigate the cryptocurrency market and identify profitable trend themes. Both creating an account and using the robot are simple processes. The following is a high-level summary of the detailed instructions for creating a trading account and starting trading with BitQT.

Start by signing up for a trading account.

The second step is to make a deposit. (at least USD 250).

Third, start trading after activating BitQT.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Does BitQT Support?

Please note that BitQT does not support other trading options in addition to the supported cryptocurrencies. Before you use it to automate transactions, you need to make sure your favorite crypto asset is available. We recommend looking at other trading robots that support stocks and forex if you plan to diversify your portfolio across multiple markets.

What are the possibilities to trade with leverage?

Leverage CFD trading is made possible by BitQT in collaboration with various brokers. Instead of actually buying the asset, CFD traders instead buy a contract based on the value of the property.

From this writing, BitQT does not provide details about the available leverage for trading. However, many similar bots allow you to trade up to a thousand times your initial investment. Depending on the broker you get, you may be able to invest as little as $250 and as much as $25,000.

Be very careful when dealing with leverage trading. If you don’t manage the trading execution yourself, these types of transactions almost never pay off. Leveraged trading significantly increases the risk of financial losses for account holders. There is no guarantee of profit, so risk only serious money if you try this strategy.

When will the spreads change?

Spread data for BitQT was not detectable. However, the spreads used by each broker are different. Contact the broker for more information. Remember that spreads will change as the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rise and fall.

The price of BitQT.

Keep in mind that BitQT has a number of different brokerage partners, each with their own rate structures. Commissions, spreads, minimum deposits and inactivity fees can all be charged by the broker you choose to work with this robot. Make sure a broker is within your price range to have a positive experience.

Although the main features of BitQT are free, the platform takes a 2% discount on any money earned by using it. You should always be looking for the best deposit bonuses to increase your winnings. And if you’re a complete newcomer to the market, you might want to try out the BitQT demo account first. You can also make sure that BitQT matches your crypto trading needs by using this excellent test platform.

Can you tell me which payment options BitQT supports?

Accepted payment methods are not specified. However, deposits must be made using credit or debit cards. BitQT has a contact form that you can use to ask questions about available payment methods.

Neither making deposits nor withdrawing funds from BitQT costs you anything, although your credit card company can.