Daisy flower, also recognized as one of the most popular birth flowers for April, has now become one of the top-five popular flowers in the world besides rose, tulip, chrysanthemum, and carnation. Daisy is naturally an African flower that gained worldwide recognition after a Scotsman, Robert Jameson, saw it near Barberton, South Africa, in 1884. 1890 in England, breeding techniques improved the flower’s quality and hues, making it a favorite among gardeners and bouquet givers.
Daisy flowers are composite flowers, which means they are made up of two blossoms merged into one. A disc floret is the inner petal section, and a ray floret is the outer petal section. Daisies represent true love because they are made up of two blooms that merge so perfectly together. In Old English, the name daisies come from the words “day’s eye” because the petals cover over the yellow core at night and reopen during the day. This is where the term “as fresh as a daisy” came from, referring to someone who got a good night’s sleep.

Daisy Flower Meaning from History

There are a lot of meanings and symbolism of daisy flowers from many cultures and histories.
There is a Celtic legend that says that God will shower daisies across the earth whenever a newborn dies to cheer up the parents. In Norse mythology, daisy has come to represent childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings because the goddess of fertility, beauty, and love, Freya, has made daisy her sacred flower.

There is also Roman mythology about Belides, a nymph who changed herself into a daisy to avoid unwanted attention. This story added extra meanings to daisy flowers as a symbol of innocence and modesty. Meanwhile, in the Victorian era, daisies stood as a symbol of loyalty and trust.
Nowadays, the message of purity and hope is conveyed by the daisy flowers. This lovely and delicate flower is the ideal gift for someone who needs some encouragement and a little bit of sunshine in their life.
Daisy flowers are great symbols of purity and pleasant energy, making them ideal gifts for anyone you care about. Daisy flowers have a deep symbolic value and are significantly more interesting than they appear at first glance.

Symbolism Based on Daisy Flower Color

Daisy has a smaller color range than other flowers, but their limited colors don’t mean they have less symbolical meaning.

White Daisy Flower Meaning
White daisies symbolize spirituality, purity, and innocence. It makes white daisy an ideal gift for anyone searching for a unique gift for a newborn or the parents of a newborn.

Yellow Daisy Flower Meaning
Yellow daisies represent positive vibes such as joy, friendliness, and happiness. This makes yellow daisies great as a gift to a best friend or anyone important to you. They’re also good and eye-catching as decorations.

Pink Daisy Flower Meaning
Pink daisies are associated with kindness, love, and passion. Besides giving it to someone who is romantically involved with you, pink daisies are also a wonderful gift for every female in your life as it also symbolizes feminine energy.

Red Daisy Flower Meaning
Red daisy flowers also symbolize passion, love, and romance. If you give a red daisy flower to a lover, it will show them that you are care and committed. Red daisies are a perfect way to communicate romantic love.

Blue Daisy Flower Meaning
Blue daisies, despite their uncommon color, represent long-term trust, honesty, and commitment.

The Meaning of Different Daisy Flower Varieties
Michaelmas Daisy
Michaelmas Daisy is a name for a group of lovely, jewel-colored perennials that bloom late in the season and have long been regarded as members of the genus Aster. The Michaelmas daisy, or Aster amellus, is frequently associated with some type of leaving or farewell.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies have large flower heads and tiny green or black flowers surrounded by a ray-like petal. There are four different classes of gerbera daisies. Gerbera daisies, or any of the Gerbera genus, are frequently given as gifts to represent happiness.

English Daisy

English daisies have a biennial life cycle, meaning they produce leaves one year and flowers the next. In some places of the world, English daisies are considered an invasive species because they seed aggressively and return year after year. English daisies bloom in the spring and early summer when the weather is cool. English daisies are often associated with innocence. When combined with primroses, a childhood symbol, this arrangement represents a mother’s affection for her children.

Daisy Flower Bouquet Meaning

Daisies are also widely utilized for their decorative value. They’re one of the most popular flowers to cut for bouquets. There are various situations when daisies are appropriate as a gift. They’re April’s birth flowers, so they’re a great way to commemorate an April birthday. Also, gerbera daisies are perfect for gifts for the fifth wedding anniversary because they are the official flower for the fifth wedding anniversaries.
They’re also a perfect flower for Easter bouquets, springtime celebrations, and get-well flower arrangements because of their symbolic meaning of hope, rebirth, and renewal. Bring a bouquet of daisies to any springtime celebration as a host or hostess present.
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