Are you ready to achieve the ideal kitchen you have been dreaming of? Perhaps you have a colour palette in mind, a layout already visualised, and now you are deciding on the worktop material of choice. Whilst there are many fantastic options to choose from, quartz worktops are well worth your consideration.

Quartz Kitchens has created a deep dive article into why quartz worktops have become so popular in UK households, taking into account the advantages they offer over traditional worktop materials. Working closely with leading suppliers and fabricators, Quartz Kitchens are a leading voice in the industry – with a mission to help you make an informed decision and realise your dream kitchen.

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The history of quartz worktops

While marble and granite worktops have an extensive history of use as countertop materials, with the former being used over 2000 years ago, quartz as a countertop material is a relatively recent creation, having been invented in the 1960s. By reinforcing the base quartz with resins and polymers, manufacturers were able to create a very durable material that was perfect for use in the home.

Over 50 years later, quartz worktops have never been more popular. As the percentage of polymers included can be increased or decreased, this has created unique variations between manufacturers, who can create their very own special blend.

The advantages of quartz worktops

One critical reason why the quartz worktop material was created was to allow for greater customisability and design options in the home. Almost any hue can be achieved given the correct pigmentation, creating a unique style and finish that truly makes your house feel like a home.

On a practical note, quartz is also extremely durable, equal or even more than that of granite. For an active household, this makes it the perfect material to select, as it will not chip or crack easily.

Low maintenance is another reason why quartz worktops have become so popular. With traditional natural materials such as granite or stone, you will need to regularly maintain the surfaces in order to ward off staining and scratches. With quartz, on the other hand, there is no need for sealing, as it is always waterproof and stainproof.

A contemporary look

Quartz offers an unrivalled contemporary look, which is perfect if you are looking to design a modern-looking and bright kitchen. With many homeowners leaning toward a more modern kitchen design, it’s little wonder why quartz has become such a popular worktop material.

It’s time to realise your dream kitchen

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