Dental floss is an important oral hygiene habit. The function of dental floss is to dislodge any food that is stuck between your teeth and prevent the growth of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. Flossing is an additional cleaning method after you have brushed your teeth. Brushing alone is not enough to clean your teeth and remove food debris. Poor hygiene techniques may result in bad breath, tooth decay, and gum cavities. There are many types of dental floss available at the pharmacy such as dental tapes, standard floss, super floss, waxed, and flavored floss.

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It is always advisable to ask a doctor what kind of floss is suitable for you. The dentist will examine you first before they can suggest any oral tools. It is also important to floss regularly and correctly. Besides that, knowing the right time to floss gradually leads to good oral health. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the importance of flossing and seldom neglect the habit of taking care of oral health because it requires the act of discipline. However, research has shown flossing plays a vital role in overall dental health. Here are some benefits when you start to practice floss daily.

1) Improve your look and freshen breath

How can someone confidently show their smile if something is stuck in their teeth? A beautiful smile always begins with clean teeth and healthy gum. Keep your smile sparkling with proper oral hygiene. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to purchase all sorts of tooth care products. Sometimes it is necessary to use a basic tool with excellent care. You will notice tremendous effects if you include floss as a part of your morning or night regime. You can see your breath substantially improved and freshened. Say no to bad breath. It should be avoided at all costs. Someone who is working in customer service should be concerned more about their breath because they need to see and greet people daily. Let your energy flow vibrantly by flossing away any trace of plaque that can cause your mouth to stink.

2) Prevent gum disease

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, researchers have found out that the formation of dental plaque can cause gum disease and has a significant relationship with other diseases as well. Untreated plaque can harden into tartar which later on develops into serious gum disease for example periodontitis. The buildup of bacteria consequently can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Gingivitis is a common gum disease, but it can be treated in various ways. Combination of good oral habits, for example brushing, flossing, gargling with antiseptic mouthwash can ward off these diseases.

3) Avoid heart disease

Studies have shown there is a link between gum disease and heart disease as well as other health problems. The accumulation of certain types of bacteria in the plaque can eventually narrow down the heart and cause the heart to change in shape. Chronic bacterial infections inside the teeth also can suppress the immune system and result in an inflammatory response. All the processes in the body are interchangeable and interact together. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of your body so you don’t develop any related illness.

4) Prevent tooth decay

Formation of small openings or holes are called cavities and can cause tooth decay. These problems arise due to certain reasons. The most common reasons are the failure to take care of oral health. Prevention is always better than cure. It is good if you can get an early treatment the moment you see the formation of plaque in between the teeth. Regular dental visits are important. At least see your dentist twice per year in accordance with good brushing technique and flossing habits are the best ways to fight against cavities and prevent tooth decay.