Small Cities

Food is king in most small towns, pulling people in from out of cities and towns to enjoy the best flavors in the smallest greasy spoon diners.  Some cities are so good at this that they’ve built a personality and brand around it and become famous around the entire country from the flavors they offer.

These are the best small cities that offer hot flavors and why they’re so popular! 

1- Butte, Montana

Like most historic mining towns, Butte has a long history that can be tied to a specific region in Europe.  Built from the ground up by Cornish immigrants who worked in mines and tried to make a better life for their families, it’s no surprise that some of the best food in the country is still here.

Best known for the meaty and delicious Cornish Pasties they offer, Butte restaurants also offer awesome rhubarb desserts, fantastic boysenberry sweets, and so many other flavors that are both unique and comfortingly familiar. 

2- Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte has a long history in food, from east Asian dumplings from Zhan Qian (she’s also known as the Dumpling Lady!) to Leah and Lousie, who are famous for their smoked catfish stew with rice grits. You’ll get to enjoy comfort foods to the max at any eatery in town. 

Most food is accessible and affordable, creating welcoming spaces for everyone.  

3- Cincinnati, Ohio

The food here is good enough to make anyone want to look for apartments for rent in Cincinnati!  If you’re a big fan of fried dough, you’ll love this city.  Most famous for its donuts, Cincinnati has taken it further in recent years! 

This city has always had a quirky look at food, even offering interesting dishes, like chili with cinnamon in it, served over spaghetti.  Every meal is appetizing and delightful at the same time. 

4- Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville falls in and out of public favor by the week, but they always have the best flavors you’ll ever find.  From strong, incredible coffee to start your day right to beautiful fresh fish and enticing cocktails, you’ll love every taste you get.  

Although this is a small town, its prices can sometimes reflect big-city living, but the prices are still worth it!  The food here makes that price more than understandable.  

5- Boise, Idaho

There’s nothing like Boise, which has been brewing something wild over the last few years.  Slowly gathering countless immigrant-run restaurants, Boise offers unique flavors from around the world that often have American touches for context.  This beautiful cultural blending allows people to connect with food as easily as they can through a conversation.  Boise prides itself on each of these eateries and invests a lot of time and money into supporting them as often as possible. 

Food Can Make Any City More Magical

Whether you’re from a landlocked state or you’re on the coastline itself, you’ll find incredible flavors in the most unlikely of spaces.  Consider checking out some of the beautiful small cities and the big flavors they’re packing!