As a lawyer, you have to pick what specialty you want to practice in. You can try a bit of everything in the beginning but it is best to find your niche and stick to it. It is all about personal preference, you have to choose what you excel at.

Being a lawyer is all about handling responsibility, your clients depend on you to do what is in their best interest. It is your job to know the law and to present your clients to the best of your ability. Given below are a couple of paths you can choose in your professional journey.  

1. Compensation Claims Lawyer 

A lawyer that deals with compensation or a claims lawyer is someone people get in touch with most often. As a compensation lawyer, you can offer help to people who have suffered loss or injury in the workplace or on road.

You can also cover the needs of people who have been hurt due to negligence whether it be medical or some other kind. If that is something that interests you then you can consider becoming a personal injury lawyer

2. Family Lawyer 

Family litigation can pose unique scenarios for you. Every case has its own unique facts and circumstances. It can be interesting yet challenging at the same time. It is more oriented towards the satisfaction of your client. 

If you choose to practice family law you will have to start focusing more on out-of-court settlements. A successful family lawyer has to get good at gauging what people want, it involves making a lot of judgment calls. A family lawyer knows how to negotiate the best deal for their client. 

3. Civil Lawyer 

A civil lawyer is a person who deals with matters relating to property rights, titles, and claims related to these rights. In addition to that, a civil lawyer is a person you go to when there has been an infringement upon your rights as a citizen under the eye of the law.

If you have a liking towards complicated matters such as property line disputes or other such matters you should definitely explore your options as a civil lawyer. Not many people like this side of the law so you will have a larger playing field with less competition. 

4. Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is someone who sees the best in people. People sometimes do not know their rights and usually fall prey to entrapment. The prosecution’s only job is to get a conviction and law enforcement agencies are also driven by this fact.

In their obsession with closing rates, they sometimes lose focus on the due process of the law. As a criminal defense attorney, it is your job to defend the rights of such people and get them the benefit of the doubt that they deserve. 

It is your duty to point out the deficiencies in the prosecution’s case and make sure that your client does not suffer any misfortune because of someone else’s negligence or lack of regard for the sanctity of the law.