Morning Desert Safari

The ethereal middle eastern beauty calls the travel enthusiasts to witness its wilderness. Visit the golden terrain of the UAE in the aurora of the morning to rejuvenate yourself. Desert safari Dubai is the land of experiencing legit nomadic adventure. So if you are in Dubai or planning to be, witness the comeliness of sunrise at its conservation reserve. Scroll down your screen to know what perks and benefits a morning tour to desert safari offers.

Blissful Happenings Of A Morning Desert Safari


The magical dawn is the ultimate goal of the desert safari visitors who love the beauty of nature. The morning azure compels you when the newly born sun rays fall over the little peaks of the dunes. Capture the flight of birds along with the colourful background of the floating hot air balloons above sand ripples. These picturesque props of nature can only be spotted in the morning. Where you will get a chance to capture as many pictures as you want.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a famous sand sport that you can only encounter at the dunes of Dubai. This terrain sport grabs the attention of the tourists to the extent they find an itinerary that offers extended time for dune bashing. Dune bashing is an enthralling sand sport in which an expert driver takes your squad on a roller coaster ride at the dunes. Cross the highs and lows of the dunes in a 4×4 SUV and meet their insanity!

The vehicles used for the dune bashing are insured, completely loaded with the safety features and roll cage covered as well. 

Camel Ride

Camels are the imperial rides of Arabs. These heritage animals act as carriers for nomads to travel from place to place. Camels being a symbol of tribal norms, are seen in the dunes of Dubai to amuse you with their exciting rides. Wander in the golden barren of Arabia on a camel and explore the unseen creatures. Spot the exquisite flora and fauna of these marshy plains and satisfy your wanderlust!


The delicious breakfast awaits you at the campsite once you are free from the enthralling sand sports. Consume the flavorful sips of appealing beverages including Arabian coffee served with dates. Take refreshing shots of soft drinks and resume your energy. Enjoy a mouth-watering morning meal to resume your energy for the next blissful happenings of the Arabian dunes. 

Cultural Insights

Meet the Arabian customary at the nicely lodged campsites. A typical nomad’s camp at the dunes is pitched on a Bedouin-inspired theme. Lock your gaze at the infinite sand ripples while watching them right from your camp. There are various interesting activities going on at these campsites. These include Henna tattooing, Arabian attiring, falconry, and much more. Listen to the folk Bedouin tales of their evolution from nomads to land developers.


Desert safari seems drowned in the morning glory during the sunrise. Save your evenings to explore Dubai’s nightlife and spend an epic morning in its barren. You’ll find it hard to get over the enthralling sand activities, the lovely sunrise, and the wilderness of the desert. This place promises to make your vacations in Dubai worth cherishing.