Indoor Air

Monsoon is no longer far as soon as you are ready to bid goodbye to your dear summer. But there is a section amidst both these seasons where all you have to deal with is a humid atmosphere that creates a lot of uneasiness. 

The situation is not pleasant for everyone and naturally, so things get more serious for individuals suffering from the weak respiratory system or even worse for the asthmatic patient. 

Humid season promotes the trigger and causes more problems to them where the probability of an attack increases severely. If you have someone in your family with the same condition or yourself facing that then calm down since this segment will cover most of your worries. 

We will be working on making your indoor air healthy so that your respiratory system can thank you for a lifetime. We will be focusing on a quick medical way out, relying on ducted air conditioning Sydney, and few more helpful actions. Read on:

Step 1

Clearing the basics should always be the first step no matter what problem you are into. Here we are talking about asthmatic patients and to make things at ease for them at home, one needs to find out the potential triggers indoor. 

These people can face a potential asthma attack can come anytime as soon as they are near the trigger by causing swelling in the airways and mucus formation. You have to take a look around in every corner of the house to detect all the triggers and get rid of them as soon as climate change takes over. 

Some of the common indoor air triggers include smoke from tobacco or cigarette, leaking gas from the stove, strong perfume or deodorants, household dust, dust mites, cockroaches, and much more.

Step 2

Now that we are done with step one, it is time to focus on the eradication of these triggers. Start by checking the quality of air in all the different sections of the house and leave no exception here in this case. 

By doing this, you will ensure that no asthma trigger is left here in this situation whereas it will also negate the possibility of someone from your house developing a situation of asthma. 

Make sure that you are clearing up each section of any sort of asthma trigger and just in case you find them, fix the given problem as soon as you have them on your radar such as possible gas leaks, strong odors, keeping the storeroom clean, and much more.

Step 3

So far we found the triggers and worked on the eradication in our best possible ways. The next course of action will be cleaning the indoor air so that it not only becomes healthy for that single individual but everyone in the family. 

Here we will be dealing with some of the common triggers such as dust mites, fungus pollens who thrive in a warm, humid environment. The technology has advanced a lot in today’s date and you can get air conditioning Sydney along with air filters to focus on comfort and health altogether. 

This will be a very excellent decision since keeping them on the majority part of the day will help you a lot. If you are planning to keep multiple rooms cool at once or have a separate room for either guests or kids you can choose to go with a centralized air conditioning option. 

This will all each corner of your and since they are equipped with HVAC filter trapping, you will be saved from each minute dust particles entering your respiratory system and developing or triggering the case of asthma.

Step 4

Moving on from the indoor air, it is time to take a look at the immediate surroundings as well for improving the air quality. You can work your way in other options to improve the air quality. 

Since you cannot install an air conditioner in your bathroom or storeroom and here the extra steps needed to be taken. You can install a powerful exhaust fan to keep away all the stale and polluted odor. This way you can bring in fresh air to keep it all fresh and healthy.

Step 5

Things will take time to change and show their effect but what if one faces the attack in the meantime? You might have any shortcomings at your house when you went to make it asthma proof and to save such a situation we need to know the way to take the medical approach as well. 

First of all, do not miss your yearly flu shot at any cost, since the seasonal flu virus will worsen your situation asthma for extended days. 

If you have pets at your home, always train them to rest or sleep in their designated bed only. If you are planning to get a pet, choose the one which has the least shedding rate.